5 Best Kids Short Stories With Moral

Inspirational stories entertain children and play an important role in child-rearing. In this post, we have provided the 5 best Kids Short Stories which when heard or read can have a positive impact on your child. From tales of friendship and kindness to the importance of honesty and courage, each story imparts a delightfully valuable moral. These inspirational stories teach children important life lessons like the power of perseverance, the beauty of diversity, and helping others. Parents are advised to tell informative stories to children every day.

Funny Kids Short Stories With Pictures

1. Five Rats and a Funny Hat

In a small town lived five mice named Remy, Rosie, Ralph, Ruby and Ricky. He was known for his mischievous activities. One sunny morning, while he was busy with his usual work, his eyes fell on a strange hat lying in the middle of the road.

He had never seen anything like a hat before. They were very excited to hear about it. But they were scared.

Then one of the rats, Remy, who was the bravest, went to the hat. He examined it carefully and declared it safe. Rosie, who was fashionable, suggested they try it individually. Ralph was a coward. He warns about the potential dangers of wearing it. But Ruby and Ricky did not listen to him. They had already come inside happily.

As each mouse wore the hat, something extraordinary happened. The hat appears to have magical powers, transforming the wearer into a completely different person. Remy becomes an adventurous explorer, Rosie becomes a beautiful movie star, Ralph becomes a wise old wizard, Ruby becomes a beautiful dancer, and Ricky becomes a courageous superhero.

With their new identities, the mice hatch a plan and set out on a wild adventure. They would swing on tree branches, dance in flower fields and even destroy street cats.

But as the sun started setting, the magic of the hat started disappearing. The mice returned to their normal state, and the hat became just an ordinary piece of clothing. Still, they were happy to remember their extraordinary day.

From that day on, the five mice kept that strange hat as a priceless treasure. It was a reminder of the magical adventures they shared. Now they knew that the real magic lay in the bond between them and the memories made in the form of five mice and a strange hat.

Moral: The true magic in life lies not in extraordinary abilities but in the relationships we build and the memories we create together.

Kids Short Stories

2. The Bear of the Woods

Once upon a time, there lived a bear named Grizz in a dense forest. Griese was not only physically impressive but also had a heart full of kindness and intelligence. He was gentle and caring, often helping animals in need.

One autumn morning, when Grizz was walking in the woods, he saw a young rabbit named Hopper trembling with fear. He was very nervous. Grizz slowly approached him and smiled.

“What’s bothering you, little one?” Grizz asked,

Hopper hesitated, “I’ve forgotten my way home. I don’t know how to get back to my hole.”

Without hesitation, Grizz extended his paw and said, “Sit on my back, Hopper. I’ll take you home safe.”

Hopper was hesitant at first because of the bear’s size, but after seeing the sincerity in Grizz’s eyes, he climbed onto Grizz’s back. Grizz took him back to his hole.

Seeing his home, Hopper jumped off Grizz’s back. His eyes were full of gratitude. “Thank you, Grizz! You are kind and caring.”

Grizz smiled warmly and went into the forest.

Gradually the reputation of the grizzly as a “wild bear” spread far and wide. Animals from every corner of the forest started coming to him for help.

One day, while Grizz was resting, he heard distressed screams from a nearby cave. He went there cautiously and found a group of frightened cubs huddled together, their mother nowhere to be seen.

“What happened little one?” Grizz asked,

One cub sniffed and said, “Our mother went out to find food, but she hasn’t returned. We are scared and hungry.”

Grizz said, “Don’t worry, I’ll find your mother and bring her back to you.”

With determination in his heart, Grizz sets out in search of the missing bear. Amidst the rough terrain and dense bushes, he found her trapped under a fallen tree. Grizz used his immense strength to lift the tree and free the trapped mother bear.

Feeling grateful and relieved, the mother bear hugged her cubs tightly, tears of joy flowing from her eyes. “Thank you, Grizz! You saved us!”

Grizz smiled. “it was my pleasure.

Moral: “Kindness and compassion can move mountains.”

Kids Short Stories

3. The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Once upon a time, there lived a king in a kingdom who had twelve beautiful daughters. The king loved them and took care of them. But the princesses were unhappy. Every morning, his shoes were found worn out, as if he had been dancing all night. The king was very surprised by this secret. He announced that whoever could discover the secret behind the worn-out shoes would be rewarded. He will marry one of his daughters and inherit half of his kingdom.

Many princes tried to solve this mystery, but all failed. One day, a soldier named Jack heard about the king’s challenge. Jack sets out to find out the truth. On his way, he met an old woman who gave him a cloak of invisibility and a magic lantern that would guide him.

Jack uses the cloak to make himself invisible and follows the dancing princesses. She saw the princesses going to a magnificent palace where they danced every night with twelve handsome princes.

Jack was surprised to see this. But remained hidden. He was waiting for the right time. As the night passed, the princesses became tired and fell asleep one by one. Jack came out of his hiding place and met the eldest princess.

“Why do you and your sisters go out dancing every night?” Jack asked softly.

The princess said that she started dancing to escape the sadness and boredom of her dependent life. They found solace and happiness in a magical castle.

Jack understood the princesses’ grief and realized that they were not deliberately disobeying their father but were seeking happiness in their way. Jack promises them that he will keep their secret and help them find a way to live free.

Together, Jack and the princesses go to the king and state their desire for freedom and happiness. Inspired by their honesty and love for their daughters, the king agreed to give them more freedom and allow them to choose their paths in life.

The princesses were overjoyed and Jack was welcomed as a hero. He decided to marry the eldest princess and received the blessings of the king.

Jack and the princesses return to the kingdom happily.
Moral: True happiness lies in being true to oneself and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Kids Short Stories

4. A Dark Brown Dog 

There lived a dark brown dog in a city. He wandered the streets alone in search of kindness.

One day, the dog met a young boy who showed him love and compassion. They become friends and he brings her home.

But as time passed, the boy’s family grew tired of the dog’s presence. They saw him as a burden they could not bear. Despite the boy’s protests, they left the dog on a deserted road.

Once again the dog roamed the streets alone and faced cruelty at every turn. But deep down he remembered the boy’s kindness, he knew that true love exists in this world.

And so, the dark brown dog persevered, teaching invaluable lessons of empathy and compassion to those who came before him, and proving that no matter how dark life gets, there’s always a ray of light to lead us home.

Moral: True kindness and compassion are enduring qualities that light up even the darkest paths.

Kids Short Stories

5. The Mighty Meeting

Once upon a time, there was an elephant. He was going to take a refreshing dip at his favourite water source. Meanwhile, the lion was heading towards the green fields to rest and wait for his next meal.

Both the animals met at the same corner and came face to face in an encounter.

“Get out of my way !” The lion roared to show his power.

“Get out of my way,” trumpeted the elephant and refused.

“Make way for the king of the jungle!” The lion growled.

“No way! Where will I go?” The elephant stuck to his word and started fighting with him.

A dead end blocked the way, with no creature willing to move.

As the tension grew, other animals came to them.

Just then a mischievous monkey was seen running fast among the gathered animals. Seeing this scene he made a clever plan.

The monkey returned by taking a strong vine from the nearby trees.” I have a solution,” the monkey announced, attracting everyone’s attention.

He tied the vine between the lion and the elephant, climbed on top of an anteater and announced, “We will settle this by the tug of war! At my command, both the lion and the elephant will ‘jump’ and pull!”

All the animals waited for the outcome.

As the contest began, the elephant’s mighty strength became apparent, matched by the lion’s determination.

Suddenly, a thunder echoed across the sky, as dark clouds appeared.

Feeling the first raindrops, Lion left the match, groaning at his wet hair, and took shelter under the tree.

The elephant was declared victorious.
The monkey became happy and started jumping and declared the elephant the winner.

The elephant continued on the path undisturbed by the rain, eager for the mud ahead.

Moral: In conflict situations, cooperation and cleverness triumph over force.

Kids Short Stories

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FAQ | Kids Short Stories

What is a story that teaches a moral lesson called?

A story that teaches a moral lesson is called a fable.

Why are Inspirational Kids Short Stories important?

Inspirational stories are important for children as they encourage their creativity and imagination, and develop positive values and attitudes at an early age.

Conclusion | Kids Short Stories

We hope that the above Kids Short Stories will help teach children the importance of hope and courage in life. Kids Short Stories with morals not only entertain but also inspire creativity, teaching valuable life lessons in children.

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