5 Inspirational Stories for Teens: Motivation & Life Success

Inspirational stories entertain children and play an important role in child-rearing. In this post, we have provided the best 5 Inspirational Stories For Teens that can positively impact your child when they listen to them. These inspiring stories teach important life lessons that leave a lasting impression on children. Parents are advised to read enlightening stories to children every day.

Story 1: You are as brave as you think

Emil has five elephants to use for circus shows. He keeps them tied with a single rope that is not so tight. Since elephants are huge and strong, they could break the rope and run away.

One day, a man visiting the circus asks him why the elephants are not trying to escape when the rope is not strong enough to hold them. The man was surprised to hear the answer. Emil says, elephants are made to believe from a young age that they are unable to break the rope and lack strength. And this is the reason why these elephants never tried to run away.

Moral: Our limits and strengths are within us. We can get anything if we believe that we can.

Inspirational Stories For Teens

Story 2: The Journey of Forgiveness

There was a boy named Max. He was very sad due to his family feud. One day he was sitting on his grandfather’s farm. There he encounters a wise old oak tree that has withstood storms and is still standing tall. He is inspired by its resilience & forgives his family. He begins a journey of healing and love. He found that forgiveness opens the door to inner peace and strengthens the bonds we love.

Moral: Forgiveness frees us from pain and creates love and harmony in our relationships.

Inspirational Stories For Teens

Story 3: Hard work is the key to success

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a village who had fields of grapes. Year after year his viticulture yields bountiful harvests, and the farmer becomes very successful. He has three sons, who are young and energetic but do not bother to work. As the farmer grows old, he starts worrying about the future of his sons.

Then he falls very ill and learns that his death is drawing near. He calls the sons and says,

“Dear sons, I see my death drawing near, but before I say goodbye to all of you, I want to share a secret. There is a treasure hidden beneath the fields. After my death, to find it excavate the whole area.”

The old farmer dies, and his sons perform the last ritual. The sons begin digging for the treasure all parts of the field but find nothing. However, his digging of the field yields a healthy crop and a huge income. This earning makes the sons realize what their father wanted.

Moral: Hard work always pays off. The fruits of hard work are always sweet whether it is in the form you want or not.

Inspirational Stories For Teens

Story 4: The Strength in Uniqueness

A teenage girl named Malaya struggles to find her identity in a world of conformity. One day, she met a wise owl in a dense forest who celebrated her uniqueness. Malaya embraces her true self with encouragement, & realizes that it is our differences that make us extraordinary. With new & energetic confidence, she inspired others to embrace their own individuality.

Moral: Embracing our uniqueness empowers us and encourages others to do the same.

Inspirational Stories For Teens

Story 5: Three Friends and a Fisherman

There are many fish in a big pond. The three fish are best friends who are always together. They never leave each other’s side.

One day a fisherman comes to this pond. Seeing lots of fish, he calls other fishermen to cast their nets. All three fish are worried about being caught and killed by fishermen.

One fish of them said, “We must find another pond and leave quickly.” While one fish agrees, the other is reluctant as it feels that this pond is their home.

The other two fish convince their friend, but that fish is not ready to leave that pond. So they decide to separate and go in search of a new pond. The next day, when the fishermen come, the fish, which was unwilling to leave, is caught and dies.

Moral: Always Focus on the big picture and let go of temporary attachments in times of crisis.

Inspirational Stories For Teens


What is a story that teaches a moral lesson called?

A story that teaches a moral lesson is called a fable. It is an effective educational tool to teach children moral lessons engagingly.

Why are Inspirational Stories For Teens important?

The Stories For Teens are important because These stories teach important life lessons that leave a lasting impression on them.

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We hope that the above Inspirational Stories For Teens will help you to teach the importance of having hope, and courage in life. Through this, we can transformative journey together, and spark the flame of hope. Inspirational Stories For Teens gives us a glimpse into the lives of individuals who have faced adversity, overcome obstacles, and rise above their circumstances.

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