5 Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude

By having a positive attitude, we can overcome obstacles and achieve success. This blog post about Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude highlights the power of a positive attitude. Stories have the power to capture our imagination, teach us important lessons, and take us on adventures to distant lands. Learning English through stories is fun. It can be a way of developing language skills as well as a love of reading and writing.

Story 1: The Seed of the Hope

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Xenia in a small village. She loved the flower carriage in her automobile. One day, Xenia decides to treat Sunflower. She carefully dropped the tiny seeds into the soil and anxiously waited for them to sprout.

Days passed, but there was no sign of the sun rising. Xenia was disappointed, but instead, she remained positive and continued to water and care for the soil every day.

At last, after weeks of courage and persistence, the sunflower rose.

The moral of the story: A Positive attitude and determination are the tiniest of seeds of hope.

Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitudes
Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude

Story 2: The Mirror of Perception

A religious teacher was going to a village with some of his disciples. The journey was very long, so they stopped on the way to take some rest. After some time a person passed by the way where they were resting and asked Guruji, “You seem to me to be living here. I have come from some other village. I want to know how the people of the nearby village….

After listening to that person, Guruji asked him..”First, you tell me about the village in which you lived earlier. How were the people there…?”
The person said, “The people of that village were very bad and mean, so I left that village.”

Guru ji said..” In the village where you are going now, you will find such people there too.”
That person got a little sad and left from there.

After some time a person passed by the same place and also asked the same question to Guru ji.. “I have come from some other village and want to know how the people living in that nearby village..?”
That teacher also asked him how were the people of the village from where he came…?

The person said that… “The people of the village where I come from are very nice and helpful to everyone. I am just going to another village in search of work.”

And this time also Guru ji’s answer was the same…”You will find people like this in this village too.”
The person smiled and left happily.

A disciple was watching all this, so he asked Guruji that he asked the same question to both of them and gave the same answer to both of them… why so..?

So Guruji says…”This world is the same as we ourselves are, so one often finds the same type of people everywhere.”

Moral of the story: Our perceptions of the world and the people in it often reflect our own inner state.

Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitudes
Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitudes

Story 3: The Key to a Fulfilling Life

One day a teacher came to the class and asked the students to take a surprise test. All the students were thinking about the exam. The teacher handed over the question papers to the students one by one and asked them to start the exam. When the students turned the page they were surprised, there was no written question…… there was only a black dot in the middle of the page.

The professor said to the children, “You write what you see on the test.

All the students get worried and start thinking.

At the end of class, the professor collected all the students’ answer sheets and began reading aloud. Everyone wrote that there is a black dot in the middle of the page, or some were trying to find the position of that dot, others…etc…etc. After reading all the answer sheets, there was silence in the whole class. The professor began to explain:

“I am not going to grade you based on these answers, I just want to give you some lessons. No one wrote about that other part of the paper i.e. the blank part in their answer. Everyone’s attention was only on that black dot – and the same happens in our lives.
Our life is the best prize given to us by God. God gave us many companions for a happy life, He created beautiful nature, gave us good friends, gave us a happy family, a good job, and a good house to live in. God has given us something in our life every day.

Despite having so many good things in life, our focus is only on the dark parts of life such as health problems, lack of money, complicated matters, and resentment from friends.

If we compare this dark part with the beautiful part of life then we will find that this dark part is very small as compared to the beautiful part but still that small part has made our mind empty. So Enjoy the beautiful things in life and make yourself as well as others happy.

Moral of the story: Be happy and live a positive life!!

Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitudes
Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitudes

Story 4: Always Be Positive

In a village, two saints used to live together in their small hut. Both go to different places every morning and beg for alms. They used to return in the evening & chanted the name of God.

His life was going on only by begging. One day both of them went out to beg in different areas. When one of them returned in the evening, he saw that his hut was broken into pieces due to the storm. He got angry and started cursing God. The saint thought that I chant God’s name every day, and worship in temples, but God is not concerned about us.

After some time the other saints also reached there. He became happy seeing this. Offered thanks to God. The saint said, “O God, today I have come to believe that you truly love me. Our devotion is not in a place of worship and recitation. You saved our half-broken even in the fierce storm. Now we can rest in this. From today my faith has increased a lot”.

The moral of the story is that we should look at every situation with positive thinking. Due to negative thoughts, mental stress increases and we are not able to see the good things.

Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitudes
Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitudes

Story 5: The Determined Student

In a bustling city lived a student named Alex who wanted to become a scientist. He belonged to a poor family but he remained focused on achieving his dreams. He worked part-time jobs, saved money, and studied tirelessly.
However, when it came time to apply for the scholarship, Alex did not receive it. Yet he did not leave hope, Alex stayed positive and pursued his passion. At last, his hard work paid off and a prestigious university recognized Alex’s talent and offered him a scholarship.
The moral of the story is that a positive attitude with determination can turn failures into success.


What are 4 examples of a positive attitude?

To be happy even when you have little.
Have a good time even when you’re losing.
To rejoice at someone else’s success.
Keep a positive vision of the future, no matter how bad your current circumstances are.

What is a real-life example of a positive attitude?

A real-life example of a positive attitude is when someone is faced with failure but remains positive, and determined to achieve his goals.
a teacher with a positive attitude smiles and treats their students with respect even if they had a bad day.

What are the 6 steps to build a positive attitude?

Understand your thoughts and beliefs,
Interact with positive people in positive environments
Express gratitude for positive aspects of your life.
Engage in activities that bring you joy.
Focus on solutions Instead of focusing on problems.
Maintain a positive and determined thought.

Why do we need to be positive in life?

We need to be positive in life because it improves our mental and emotional state, and helps us deal with challenges. It allows us to find solutions and face adversity instead of focusing on the problems.

Do positive people do better in life?

Yes, positive people do better in life as positive people go ahead and achieve success in various fields of their lives.

How do you know if you are a positive person?

Positive people are always kind to people and do not talk negatively about themselves or others.

Who is a positive-minded person?

A positive-minded person is one who maintains an optimistic attitude, faces challenges, and focuses on the good in any situation.

Conclusion | Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude

We hope that the above blog Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude will help you to maintain a positive attitude towards yourselves and others. Inspiring short stories about positive attitude show that no matter what the circumstances, maintaining a positive mindset can make a difference in life.

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