45 Monday Funny Quotes

Monday is the starting day of the week. This post offers you a collection of Monday Funny Quotes that will help you get ready for success at the beginning of the week. Through these quotes, you can learn how laughter can boost immunity, reduce pain, relieve stress, improve mood, strengthen relationships, enhance teamwork and do a lot.
So embrace Monday cheer with our selection of funny quotes that capture the essence of the day.

Happy Monday Funny Quotes

  1. “Happy Monday! Positive energy, good coffee.”
  2. “Happy Monday! Let’s start the day with coffee and a positive attitude.”
  3. “Happy Monday! Smile, be positive, be productive.”
  4. “Happy Monday! New day, new week, new beginning, new opportunities.”
  5. “Happy Monday!A great day to be great.”
  6. “Happy Monday!A great day to be alive.”
  7. “Happy Monday! Don’t forget to be amazing.”
  8. “Happy Monday! No negative thoughts allowed.”
  9. “Happy Monday! A beautiful day to be optimistic about life.”
  10. “Happy Monday! The day I was searching for the ‘rewind’ button on the weekend remote control.”

Happy Monday Funny Quotes For Work

  1. “Monday is the day that makes me appreciate Saturday and Sunday even more.”
    “Monday is when it feels like it needs a permission slip from Friday to exist.”
    “Monday is for people with a mission.”
  2. “The biggest thrill was not winning on Sunday but completing payroll on Monday.”
  3. “Employers are happiest on Mondays. Employees are happiest on Fridays.”
  4. “I have to break the routine and be a person who is productive every Monday. I need to break the unhappiness mindset and become a happy magnet for Mondays. -Leggy Saul
  5. “If you’re doing what you love, you’ll never have any problems on Monday.”
  6. “This Monday, choose to make a change. Every small action matters.”
  7. “Monday is the day I need coffee before doing anything.”
  8. “Monday is when my coffee needs a cup of coffee before I start work.”
  9. “Monday is the day when even my coffee needs coffee to get through the day.”
  10. “Monday is the day that tests the strength of my coffee and my patience.”

Tomorrow is Monday Quotes

  1. Monday is the beginning of the work week that offers new beginnings 52 times a year!”
    “Monday is the day when coffee is like a superhero, saving us one cup at a time.”
  2. “Monday is the day when I need coffee before starting my day.”
  3. “Monday is when even my coffee needs coffee to deal with me.”
  4. “Monday is the day when even my calendar says, ‘WTF!'”
  5. “Monday is the day when my bed and I have a serious relationship, and missing it feels like a breakup every time.”
  6. “Monday is the day my alarm clock is jealous of my bed because it gets more attention in the morning.”
  7. “Monday is the day I’m on a first-name basis with my coffee maker. We’re like best friends who never talk before 9 a.m..”
  8. “Monday is the day when my favourite exercise is a mix between a lunge and a crunch. It’s called ‘lunch’.”
  9. “Mondays are like potholes in the road of life.”
  10. “There are many opportunities every single day, and Monday is the best day to take advantage of them all.”

Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings

  1. “Monday is the day that tests coffee’s strength and willpower.”
  2. “Monday is the day to get back to your passion. Don’t take a break, take a detour and keep running.”
  3. “Monday should be optional.”
  4. “Monday is a new beginning. It’s never too late to start and begin a new journey to success.”
  5. “Monday, please be kind. Or at least, don’t be Monday.”If it was Monday’s face, I’d punch him… but then it’d be Tuesday, so I think I’d sigh loudly instead.”

Good Morning Monday Quotes

  1. Good morning! Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday.
  2. “Monday is when my coffee needs coffee before starting the day.”
  3. “Monday is the day when my coffee cup and I share a moment of silence for the weekend.”
  4. “Monday is the day that proves coffee isn’t enough to solve all problems, but it’s a good start.”
  5. “Monday is the day when I can’t decide whether to take a nap, drink more coffee, or start counting down to Friday.”
  6. “Monday is the day my alarm clock is like, ‘Really? Again?'”
  7. “Monday is the day when my bed and I have a serious disagreement about whether we should break up or stay together.”
  8. “Monday is the day I question all of my life choices before this moment.”
  9. “Monday is the day I pretend to be busy while secretly counting down the hours until lunch.”
  10. “Monday is the day I try to be a morning person, but my bed and blanket conspire against me.”

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Why is Monday so far away from Friday while Friday is so close to Monday?

The comprehended time distance between Monday and Friday is due to the anticipation of the weekend, making Friday appear closer to Monday.

Why Monday is called the worst day?

Monday is considered the worst day because it marks the beginning of the work week, and people may feel a change in work responsibilities from the weekend.

What is the best motivation for Monday?

New opportunities are waiting.

Why are daily motivational quotes needed?

Motivational quotes promote a positive mindset and encourage action in daily life.


We hope this blog will help you to motivate & inspire on the first day of the week, Monday. This blog Monday Funny Quotes gives you a glimpse of various opportunities for growth and development.

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