2 Best March Birthstone: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

People who are born in March have two birthstones: aquamarine and bloodstone. The March birthstone is aquamarine, known for its beauty and marine colours. It is a symbol of peace, courage and clarity. It is a popular choice for jewellery. This gemstone is renowned for its attractive blue-green colour. In this post, we will learn about March crystals: Aquamarine and how you can use them to improve your life.

What is March Birthstone?

The birthstone for March is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a blue gemstone. Its name is derived from the Latin words “aqua” meaning water and “mare” meaning sea, which describes its beautiful blue colour. This gemstone symbolizes youth, hope and health. It adds a touch of beauty to any jewellery. It can be given as a gift for those born in March. It has calming and soothing properties, promoting harmony and peace for the wearer.

Aquamarine Birthstone

The name “aquamarine” is derived from the Latin words aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning sea. It is said that Roman fishermen believed that aquamarine protected sailors on their voyages and brought good luck in fishing.
Aquamarine was also believed to help calm anger.
People of the Middle Ages believed that wearing this gemstone would protect against poison.
The folklore surrounding aquamarine was not only related to the sea but also heaven due to the reflection of the sky in the water.

Long ago, people believed that it could increase the chances of enlightenment. It is a beautiful gemstone. Aquamarine is not only one of the gemstones for March but it is also used to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary.
Aquamarine ranges from greenish-blue to blue-green. This gem is mainly found in Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique. Aquamarine grows in large, six-sided crystals up to a foot long. This makes it a great gemstone to cut and polish in larger carats for bold statement jewellery.

March Birthstone

Aquamarine Color

March Birthstone Aquamarine’s colour is darker than the crystal’s size. It is a light crystal that is famous throughout history for its clear blue colour that reflects the colours of the sea. It is as clear as water, symbolizing the purity of the soul. Aquamarine ranges in colour from blue-green, blue-green, and green-blue to deep blue and can range from very light to moderately dark. Its colour comes from small amounts of ferrous iron.

Smaller aquamarine gems have lighter tones and saturation than larger gems. However, there are some sources, many of which are found in Africa, that produce gems of stronger than normal saturation. They may be small but still have an attractively deep colour.

What Is The Value Of the Aquamarine Birthstone?

Like other coloured gemstones, the value of aquamarine is also determined. The value of an aquamarine depends on factors such as size, colour, clarity, and cut. Aquamarine ranges in colour from blue-green, blue-green, and green-blue to deep blue and can range from very light to moderately dark. Generally, aquamarines with deep blue colour and minimal inclusions command higher prices. Large, well-cut stones are more valuable than small or poorly-cut stones. The demand for aquamarine in the market can affect its value.

Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is found in many different places around the world such as Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya and African countries like Zambia.
Aquamarine is a light and transparent gemstone, making jewellery made from it easy to clean. Like most gemstones, you can clean it regularly with a soft brush or mild soapy water. You can do this as many times as needed.

Aquamarine can also be cleaned in an ultrasonic machine or sometimes even steamed to ensure thorough cleaning as the stone is durable. Just keep in mind that there should be no fractures in the stone.
Aquamarine is suitable for all types of jewellery because of its beauty. Be it everyday jewellery or jewellery designed for special events. Here are some popular types of March birthstone jewellery:

Aquamarine Necklace

Aquamarine necklaces are designed in many styles, from delicate pendants to statement necklaces. The gemstone can be combined with diamonds or pearls to create stunning designs.

March Birthstone

Aquamarine Rings

Rings with aquamarine gemstones can be set in various metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. These highlight the beauty of the gemstone.

Aquamarine Earrings

Earrings with aquamarine gemstones can range from simple studs to elaborate drop earrings and can be worn on both casual and formal occasions.

March Bloodstone Birthstone

Bloodstone is the second birthstone of March. It is a dark green variety of chalcedony with red spots resembling blood drops. It symbolizes strength, courage and protection. It is found in India, Brazil and Australia.

Bloodstone Meaning

Bloodstone is called heliotrope, meaning “turning sun.” It is believed that if this stone is put in water, the sun itself would turn red.

Bloodstone is also known by the names Blood Jasper, Cryptocrystalline Quartz etc. There are two forms of bloodstone: heliotrope and plasma. Heliotrope is more transparent with red spots, while plasma, is more opaque and has no red spots.
It is found in many shapes and cuts, like emerald, oval cushions etc.

March Birthstone

Bloodstone Properties

Bloodstone is an ancient gemstone that was used by the Babylonians as far back as 539 BC. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Bloodstone secretly empowered individuals in battle, possibly rendering them invisible to their opponents.

Bloodstone has various abilities, such as weather manipulation, fortune telling, success in legal disputes and increased creativity. Due to its revered properties, it is used in jewellery, signet rings, small cups or figurines.

This ancient charm surrounding Bloodstone often positions it as a more “traditional” choice for the March.

Bloodstone Jewelry

Wearing bloodstone jewellery can protect you from both external and internal threats, enabling you to face challenges boldly. Bloodstone jewellery is best worn in a large pendant, bracelet, or dangling earrings that you can feel and be physically aware of. Designers create bloodstone jewellery with this in mind.
Wearing bloodstone jewellery can help improve circulation and prepare you mentally for upcoming challenges, be it a race, match or sport.

March Birthstone

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What is the stone for March?

Aquamarine and bloodstone are the two best stones for March.

What zodiac is Bloodstone for?

Bloodstone is associated with two zodiac signs: Aries, and Pisces. 

Which is better aquamarine or bloodstone?

Aquamarine or bloodstone which one is “better”? It depends on personal preference and what qualities or characteristics you prioritize in a gemstone.

What is the birth colour for March?

The birth colour for March is aquamarine blue.


Aquamarine is the March birthstone. It is a blue gemstone that symbolizes qualities such as courage and clarity. Additionally, Bloodstone, which is a dark green stone with red flecks, is also recommended as the birthstone for March. It is a symbol of strength and protection.

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